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Lorenzo has been a great help with helping my family and I look for a home. I wasn't so sure about starting my journey in looking for a home but Lorenzo is so supportive and patient.

3 years ago

As Lorenzo's client, I have never met any realtor as determined and hard-working as he is. He made the home buying process easier and I got my first house because of him.

3 years ago

Lorenzo is very knowledgeable when it comes to real estate and clarifies any questions or doubts that you may have. He cares about his clients and makes sure they get the best experience when buying a home for the first time.

3 years ago

Lorenzo Rivera is a hard working man and very down to earth. He is patient and willing to help you. He will always make an effort so his clients can receive the best help possible.

3 years ago

I have known Lorenzo for years now and I can honestly say that he has always been there for me and other family members when we needed help to buy or refinance a home. He is outstanding at his job and explains every process in as much detail as he can. Not only has he become a great realtor and friend but also has a special family bond with us and I'm sure with all of his clients as well.

3 years ago
Leticia Perez

I was working with a realtor for two years and I was just running around like a chicken with no head. However by the grace of God I met Lorenzo, he said he can help me. I didn’t believe him, he said come to my office I was hesitant but I did. He broke it down to me in what I had to do. In no less then three month I was in a new home! All I can say if you really want a home you should give Premier Realty Group a shot and Mr. Lorenzo Rivera will go above and beyond to make your dream come true!

3 years ago
Claudia Vega

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